We are very glad that you come to official website of "Fortuna brass" band. Here you have the opportunity to get to know us and our works. To join our brass art. And also imbued with our idea of the performance of the variety of musical styles and genres using only by wind instruments. After all, as the great trombonist Glenn Miller: "Only wind-bands could to play music from medieval madrigals to modern compositions, with easily use all intermediate genres!"

We start 18 April 2003 when ensemble "Fortuna brass" band gave the first concert under this name. From this moment, six students of the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky with direction by Alexander Shatalov began his professional career. Today the team consist outstanding graduates of the best music Academies of Moscow. Despite the change of members of the band, an instrumental group always remained the same, and included only the brass section: trumpets, horns, trombones, tuba and percussion instruments. For a change of timbre shades musicians use a large number of brass-related tools.

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